Friday, 13 January 2017

I'm Teaching - One BADASS Art Journal 2017

Online Art Teacher - Realityarts
Come and join me!

BADASS Art Journal 2017

I shared some prompts for you to try previously on my blog,  don't worry you can still check them out HERE! - sign up link for BADASS Art Journal Course

This is my second year as a teacher on the BADASS Art Journal course and I am blessed to be working with another talented group of artists.  Grow with us as you take this course.  I believe that there is always room for growth, and there is never a cut off point, it is a lifelong thing.  I love working with colour and texture, and allowing the stories come out from the page.  Texture allows you to create some interesting effects

In my lesson I will be sharing with you techniques that allow you to play and use surfaces that you wouldn't normally use in your art journal in very different ways! - sign up for One BADASS Art Journal Course
Sneak Peak of the class!

As you can also see I love creating faces, the characters each telling their own story....  

Now that you have seen some of my work I am excited for you to finally see the two goodies I will be giving away when you sign up using my link here on my blog, which include:

25 Ways to fit Art and Creativity into your life.  
A guide, filled to the brim of wonderful ways in which you can get more time out of your day!  It also filled with encouraging and inspiring quotes and images!

Bonus 1

Mixed Media Art Class -Tutorial Video .  
Your very own Art Class - Step by step instructions to Make a beautiful embellished canvas, hints and tips on supplies and resources, over 2 hours of instructions and a beautiful PDF instruction booklet for you to download!

Bonus 2

If you want to get the two goodies above go ahead click the link and purchase the course.

If you sign up for the Mailing list as well you will also be sent extra goodies to help you on your creative journey.

Don't worry if you have never taken an online course before, you will get lots of support and encouragement, I am going to share with you a couple of weeks prior to the course starting to get you in the mood for letting go, it isn't about competing with others or being able to draw or paint, it is about sharing.  You will see a great amount of love and encouragement that will be flowing through the community, there really is nothing to worry about but so much to gain.

To purchase the course click on the link and complete the details

Buy Now

Remember to sign up to my Mailing list, you will be getting information about what I am up to in my creative journey, tutorials, Arts and health advice and resources, giveaways and more.

So what you waiting for - lets get busy!  Looking forward to connecting with you!

Monday, 29 February 2016

29 Faces - Day 29

Welcome, welcome, Day 29 of 29 Faces, we finally got here!  This piece has been painted onto canvas which has been painted initially in a mixture of gold and other acrylic colors.  I then found the final character in the 29 Faces series to come and tell their story.

Day 29
Of course you will have to sit down with a cup of something tasty with your feet up to really hear it all, but she promises tales of far off adventures and travels, perhaps I'll get her to tell me first then I can share with you:)

I hope you have enjoyed the daily paintings, and it has encouraged you to take out your supplies and start a practice for your self.  The sooner you start the quicker you will see the benefits.

Stay bless and be a blessing, come back tomorrow for a roundup of all the images over the last few weeks.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

29 Faces - Day 28

Welcome to day 28

I have so enjoyed creating the faces so far that I think I will continue in some form.  I feel that each character that I have been creating has a story to tell,  I am just the bridge that enables them to come out on the page.

Day 28 - Abigale

Abigale's story will unfold.....

Join me for tomorrows last image in the 29Faces challenge, and see who comes to tell their story!

Saturday, 27 February 2016

29 Faces - Day 27

Welcome to day 27, which finds me using quite a bit of texture within the piece.  I used 3d paint as a first layer in swirls and once that was dry created the image.  

She is harvesting the love!  The seeds that we plant in our lives at some point or another will grow - having been nurtured by our experiences, learning and discernment.  What will your harvest reap?

Day 27

Friday, 26 February 2016

29 Faces - Day 26

Welcome to the last few days of the 29 Faces challenge.  I have been enjoying taking the time to create a face each day and I like how they are all coming out.  I think these last few days have been my favorite, and I guess I have found the style that I enjoy working on.

This piece I think is one of my favorites and it started out as a page I was taking off extra paint, and you can see this detail on her dress

It is great when you see the progression of a piece which you will get to see on my Realityarts blog  I will also be creating more process videos which I am looking forward to.

See you tomorrow for another image.

Stay blessed and be a blessing.


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